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    College Network Nursing: Nurse Discovers Rewards of Distance Education


    by CollegeNetwork

    289 views Maria always knew she wanted to become a Registered Nurse, but after completing her LPN certification with a local university, life required her to start working immediately. Maria still wanted to pursue her RN, but with her busy schedule, returning to school in a classroom setting was no longer an option. Regardless, Maria was determined to pursue her RN; she was ready for more responsibility in the workplace and wanted more decision-making power with patients. Maria soon began to consider online education as a viable alternative for earning her Associates Degree in Nursing.

    When searching for an online nursing program, Maria was looking for a degree option that would allow her to work at her own pace from the comfort of home. After meeting with a Program Advisor from The College Network, Maria was confident The College Network's LPN to RN program was a good fit. She could access her online courses at any time, and there was no set time limit for course completion, allowing her to complete her assignments on her own time.

    Soon after enrolling with The College Network, Maria gave birth to her son, and her schedule became even more demanding. To stay focused on her online education, Maria created a study routine and did her best to sit down and study for a few minutes each day. Because she could access her course material on the go, Maria found there was no perfect time, no perfect environment for her to study -- she could do it anytime. Maria often printed out her course materials and kept them in her bag, taking quick breaks to study during the day. With the help of The College Network's online Resource Center, Maria identified herself as a visual learner. She found the Resource Center was full of study tools to fit her study preferences.

    Maria would like to encourage all LPNs to pursue a higher level of education. For her, the reward of her education is not just a higher pay rate, but the sense of personal accomplishment she feels.
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