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    Hax Attack Review


    by DadLabs

    Hax Attack Review. October is Cyber Security Month. And at DadLabs, we are all about teaching good safety and security practices for your mobile devices, tablets, and home wifi network. But how do you explain kids to the basics of cyber security with THEIR online information? The folks at Cyber Griffin have developed a great game call Hax Attack. That's right, we said GAME. When your children's eyes start to glaze over as you lecture them about online security, you can share Hax Attack with them, and they probably won't even notice that they're learning. This interactive app is full of fun levels of moving your data around trying to prevent hackers from getting it. Kids respond to well to the games and retain the tips and information on how to keep their data safe that are shared throughout game play. Check it out! And join us in the forums on to tell us how you are teaching your family online safety habits.

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