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    Katie Cole "I Can't Wait"

    HIP Video

    by HIP Video

    If you were to talk about artists such as Jackson Browne, Glen Campbell and Kris Kristofferson, you'd expect to see them listed as influences for an artist hoping to make their name as a songsmith with more hooks than Muhammed Ali and a musical attention to detail that is second to none. But when we're talking Katie Cole, they're not just influences, they're also her friends and musical contemporaries. So how does an up and coming artist like Cole manage to appear onstage with Jackson Browne, as a guest vocalist on Campbell's 61st and final studio album, Ghost on the Canvas, and enlist Kristofferson to appear her own upcoming full length, Lay It All Down? Because she's not just hoping to make a name for herself and songwriting prowess, she's already done it and has enlisted some very talented friends along the way!

    Perhaps one of Katie's most endearing qualities is her good-natured personality and infectious smile, both of which are on full display in the new video for "I Can't Wait". The setting of the video is a perfect analogy for her music with the feel and attitude of a country ranch, but set within the arid hills of Southern California. Her eyes are effortlessly fixed on the camera throughout the song as she sings about the butterflies in her stomach over the anticipation of seeing her love again and to be able to tell them face to face that "I'm crazy." As she makes her way throughout the Victorian homestead, the dusty roads and the shady gazebo on the property, the excitement and lightheartedness of the song comes through in bright, vivid color. Director Kurt Nishimura does an excellent job of capturing every nuance of Katie's charm and personality, all of which leads to the payoff of Cole and her band delivering the final chorus of the song, sharing everything that makes Katie Cole an artist not to be missed. With all due respect to Donny and Marie, this video really is "a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll".