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    Classic L337 Podcast Episode 82 - _ensnare_


    by ClassicL337

    Disclaimer: This is an audio podcast without video for your listening enjoyment!

    Scott and Vognasty have an amazing interview with Paul Taylor, aka _ensnare_, of Mode & Games! Scott needs to pay more attention when he buys things in the 3DS eShop. Vognasty has concerns about playing DDR for 24 hours. Disney Channel trolling is showing up in a tablet review, sweet! We also cover news, games we've been playing, and some fantastic mail!

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    Frozen Synapse

    New Kingdoms of Amalur DLC:
    The Game Chaser Season 2 Episode 1
    Kitty McScratch
    PC Gamer Blizzard Dispute
    PC Gamer Blizzard vs Valve

    Music (written permission granted):

    In order of appearance:
    _ensnare_ - Sensible (Album: Carrier Rush)
    nervous test pilot -- Concentrate (Frozen Synapse OST)
    _ensnare_ - Ask Me Anything (Album: Binary Opposition)
    _ensnare_ - Top Five Control (Album: Impeccable Micro)
    _ensnare_ - All roads lead to ROM (Binary Opposition)

    Greenleo -- The Heroes