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    Unspeakable Trailer


    by Renderyard

    Watch Chad Ferrin's debut film "Unspeakable" for FREE.
    It has been chosen to be part of DailyMotions 3 Day Halloween special promotion.
    Be prepared to shocked, revoluted and just plain disturbed.
    It goes live on the 29th October Watch Full Film at this URL
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    We hope you enjoy.

    'A Shattering Tragedy… Gore-Soaked Revenge'

    James and Alice Fhelleps marriage is struggling – the one thing to come out of it is Jim’s angel, his beloved daughter Heather. But his whole world comes crashing down after a devastating car crash which leaves Jim with a dead daughter and a wife confined to a wheelchair and vulnerable to the corrupted sexual desires of her caretaker.

    Tortured by hallucinations, Jim strikes back at the world – armed with a straight razor he cuts a bloody swathe of gore soaked revenge on a world that has left him with no reason to live…

    Director: CHAD FERRIN
    Cast: Roger Garcia, Tamera Noll, Leigh Silver, Timothy Muskatell
    Distributor: Cine Du Monde
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