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Roundup of all of the top-notch Intelligent anti-virus, anti-theft and web security for
your Android-enabled devices. Best Android anti-theft and Anti-virus products. Location tracking for your lost or stolen phones. Protect personal information, keeps mobile device clean and malware free, blazing fast speed with minimal effect on battery life.


Welcome to the latest in mobile security with STOPzilla Mobile


Developed for Android Smartphones and Tablets, STOPzilla Mobile

provides reliable, smart anti-virus and web security by using

“In-The-Cloud” scanning technology. Our cloud scanning service

alerts users when browsing the Internet about webpages that

may contain malware, phishing or fraudulent content. As for your

device's battery life, there are no worries… STOPzilla Mobile

will never strain your battery’s performance.

STOPzilla Mobile also provides a wealth of information about billable

services, applications’ requirements for access to the

Internet and private user data. This allows users to make informed

choices about privacy and data security.
STOPzilla Mobile


Lost or stolen Android device? Rest assured, our Anti-Theft feature

offers the ability to locate, lock, wipe or message your

device remotely.
Internet Security

With our “In-The-Cloud” scanning technology, STOPzilla Mobile

works with your Android web browser to provide

precautionary measures against compromising websites.
Immediate Install Scanning

STOPzilla Mobile for Android automatically scans any application

immediately after its install. This keeps users informed and

protected whenever they try a new application.
On-Demand Scanning

You can also run an “On-Demand” scan at any time to ensure that

all the applications installed on your Android device or kept

in its storage are valid and safe.
Application Audit

Keep track of each application’s permission requirements, showing

which application is trying to access the Internet or

sensitive data (Contact List, Messages, Calendar Entries, Photo

Gallery). It also indicates what applications have been granted

the permission to access billable device functions such as making

phone calls or sending text messages.
Event Viewer

The Event Viewer keeps track of all notable events and actions

logged by STOPzilla Mobile for Android.

Feel confident knowing your Information is safe & secure
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