Teenager Keeps Sleeping While Car Crashes into His Bedroom

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A teenager kept on sleeping even after a car crashed into his house.

Some people have an amazing ability to sleep through almost anything.

A 15-year-old boy, Ben London from Norfolk, UK continued to sleep after a car crashed through his bedroom walls. The car stopped approximately 5 feet from the teenager’s bed and the impact from the wreck sent more than a ton of bricks into the room.

The crash caused the wardrobe door to fly off the hinges and it landed on Ben, helping to shield him from injuries.

Ben claimed that when he heard his mom screaming, he woke up and saw a cloud of dust. Ben only received minor cuts to his legs, but the house sustained tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Earlier this year, another man slept through rough circumstances. Greenwich police in Connecticut claimed that a 34-year-old man fell asleep at the wheel of his vehicle while it caught fire. Police found the male in his parked car, asleep with his foot pressing on the accelerator while smoke was coming from the hood. The man was arrested for driving while intoxicated.