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    10 Amazing Facts About Our World - Part 3

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    by Geo Beats

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    Learn more amazing facts about our world in part 3.

    Here are 10 amazing facts about our world:

    Number 10 - Did you know that we share 50% of our DNA with bananas?

    Number 9 - Ants are unique creatures with distinct abilities. They are capable of lifting weights that are at least 3 times their own body weight.

    Number 8 - There is such a thing as Chorophobia, the abnormal fear of dancing. People suffering from this phobia would do anything to avoid dancing. In some cases, the fear is so strong that the victims become uneasy seeing other people dance.

    Number 7 - McDonald’s sells an average of over 75 hamburgers every second of the day.

    Number 6 - With a normal pencil, you can write close to 45,000 words or draw almost 35 miles long line.

    Number 5 - According to Discovery channel, a cockroach can last for a week without its head. Unbelievably, the reason it ultimately dies is due to thirst, as it can't drink water.

    Number 4 - An average person's heart beats nearly 3 billion times his lifetime.

    Number 3 - In 1952, Albert Einstein was offered to be the president of Israel by the nation’s first president, Chaim Weizmann. Einstein did not accept the offer.

    Number 2 - An Octopus has three heart. Who would have thought?

    Number 1- The circumference of an African Baobab tree is nearly 180 feet making it big enough to fit in 20 people if the tree trunk was hollow.