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    Chinese Regime Announces Military Reshuffle


    by NTDTelevision

    The Chinese regime has announced a reshuffling of its army, ahead of the upcoming leadership transition.

    According to state-run CCTV, the People's Liberation Army now has a new air force commander, General Ma Xiaotian. He was formerly the deputy chief of general staff.

    The former political commissar of the Guangzhou military region General, Zhang Yang, has been promoted to the director of the General Political Department. It's responsible for army personnel.

    Zhang is seen as a political ally of current Chinese leader Hu Jintao. NTD's senior China analyst, Jason Ma, says the military reshuffle reflects the shifting of power within the PLA.

    [Jason Ma, NTD Senior China Analyst]
    "The military is of course the core of the Party's power. Whoever holds the military has the real power. Hu Jintao's faction is getting boosted, which means his political foe, [former leader] Jiang Zemin is becoming marginalized, and his political influence is waning."

    General Ma and Zhang are expected join the Central Military Commission—it's a 12 member body that leads the People's Liberation Army.

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