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    Ep 01-Ben 10 Returns Pt 1-atik0786


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    Plot :
    After Grandpa Max disappears, Ben and Gwen decide to finish his last job while searching for him. While trying to decide whether to use the Omnitrix again, they meet Magister Labrid, Max's alien partner. He guides them to an arms trade between the Forever Knights and the DNAliens, brokered by Kevin Levin.When Ben begins dialing his aliens that time his Omnitrix re calibrates into a thin watch and this time the color is geen and white, making it more stylish and giving him an access to 10 aliens which is more powerful than his aliens he had in his childhood(Normal Ben 10) . Kevin is captured, but the Forever Knights escape with one of the weapons crates. Kevin, having not been paid, leads them to the Forever K3nights' hideout, where they encounter a robotic dragon. Fleeing from the dragon, the group runs into an army of Forever Knights. In the ensuing confrontation, Magister Labrid is killed when he saves Kevin's life, and Kevin joins Ben and Gwen on their search for Max to repay that debt. After Ben, Gwen and Kevin track the weapons to a secret underground base, they discover an army of DNAliens, led by the Highbreed commander. Annoyed at being discovered, the Highbreed commander orders the termination of all life within a five-mile radius to eliminate any witnesses. In Ben's successful efforts to stop the commander, he learns that any damage he receives while transformed is inflicted upon his human form as well.