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    Pigeon Lover in a Bind After Ordered to Get Rid of Pigeons

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    by Geo Beats

    A lover of pigeons is forced by the city council to get rid of his cherished bird pets.

    Pets are members of the family, so imagine the heartache of being ordered to get rid of them.

    Roy Day is a lover of pigeons, which is probably why he keeps approximately 20 of them in his garden shed. However, following complaints from neighbors concerning the noise and odor, Day was contacted by his local officials in the United Kingdom.

    Citing a health issue, the council gave the pigeon owner 7 days to re-home the birds, but Day claims the only way to get rid of them is to kill them.

    He states “even if they went 150-odd miles away, they'd still come back - they are homing pigeons”.

    Day is conflicted on what to do.

    A few years ago, a similar report surfaced; only the pets in question were dogs. 52-year-old Diana Curtis found herself in court after neighbors complained that her 100 pooches were barking and howling all night.

    She was ordered to remove the dogs, but when she failed to do so, law enforcement officers and animal workers came and took the pets away.