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    Rare Disease Makes Scalp Look Like Brain

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    by Geo Beats

    A man’s medical condition creates folds in his scalp, making his head look like a brain.

    A man in Brazil has a rare medical condition that makes the skin on his scalp wrinkle into folds that resemble the wrinkles of a brain.

    He started developing the pattern of folds two years ago when he was 19, as a symptom of a medical condition called cutis verticis gyrata.

    Doctors from Brazil’s Hospital Universitario de Santa Maria studied his condition, and noted that he didn’t wear hats to cover it up and that it was not a cosmetic issue for the young man. One of the doctors, dermatologist Karen Schons said: "It's a benign and essentially aesthetic condition.”

    Doctors don’t know what causes the rare condition that also affects hair growth, and is more common in men than women.

    Another rare condition that hasn’t even been named yet is afflicting a Canadian infant. Doctors are explaining the condition as “a deletion of a chromosome...”

    Baby Kaden is missing 37 genes, and needs 'ongoing and intensive treatment', which amounts to thousands of dollars in hospital bills.