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    Two Friends Give $20 Away to Strangers Every Day

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Two best friends hide $20 everyday in the Boston area hoping to make a stranger’s day.

    About a year ago, two best friends started giving away money. Steven Grant and Richard Cook decided to leave twenty dollar bills in public places for strangers to find. They created a website and Facebook page to advertise the location of the money each day.

    They now have over 2 thousand followers on Facebook and also use twitter, a smartphone app and email to notify people.

    The pair has given away over 7 thousand dollars over the past year, and now they get half of the money from companies advertising on their website:

    Grant and Cook live in the Boston area, so that is where they hide most of the money. Each bill has a story about where it was hidden and how it was found on their website.

    The Boston globe reported on one woman who makes it a ritual to go looking for the money. She and her kids found one of the twenties after their house caught fire.

    The woman, Lisa Mulcahey said “The mere fact of finding a $20 bill was like sunlight after a major storm. It shows you that there’s good faith. We all sat there in the car and cried.”

    Have you ever found cash in a public place?