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    Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS) is a Combination of up to Three Factors (Radiation Meters)


    by radiationprotection


    1. a natural sensitivity, similar to other idiopathic or allergic reactions, which is not typical of the general population.
    2. sensitization by some trigger, which could be one, or more, of a variety of commonly encountered substances.
    3. sensitization by some incident, which has the capability of damaging the bioelectrochemical communication within the body.

    Some people are electrically sensitive, that is they are aware of the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), but are not adversely affected by them. Other people may or may not be aware of the presence of EMFs, but can become seriously ill in their presence. These people we refer to as electrically hypersensitive (EHS). People who have developed EHS have a physiological disorder, characterized by neurological and idiopathic reactions, that noticeably appear or intensify near sources of EMFs such as electrical appliances, especially VDUs (computer monitors), power lines, fluorescent lights, mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless computers (wLANs), mobile phone base stations, etc.