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    Palanquin Bearers by Sarojini Naidu - Poetry Reading


    by Rajshri

    Palanquin Bearers - A poem by Sarojini Naidu. About the poem - The poem is the early and daily morning song that is inculcated in the hearts and minds of the simple fishing community in the eastern coast of India. It calls them all at each and every early dawn to tell the men folk to rise, brothers, rise; the wakening skies pray to the morning light for the great catch throughout the day. About the poet - Sarojini Naidu (1879 – 1949) was a child prodigy, Indian independence activist and poet. She was born in Hyderabad, India. She was famously known as 'The Nightingale Of India'. Her poetry too was as effective as her personality. Her birthday is celebrated as 'Women's Day' in India. For more videos log onto Also find us on Facebook at Subscribe & Stay Tuned -