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    CROWN CAPITAL ECO MANAGEMENT - Water and Recycling

    Charles Crown

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    IFC finances projects across the waste value chain from upstream industry/populations to downstream disposal and energy utilization:

    Upstream: Municipal and solid waste, industrial and manufacturing, hazardous and medical waste;
    Midstream: collection and transport; separation and process;
    Downstream: waste disposal; energy recovery.

    IFC’s investment approach is to promote development of the waste industry in emerging markets, help reduce costs, and allow the industry to become competitive. We support integrated solid waste (SW) management approaches, with regional strategies to gain economies of scale and drive down costs.

    Through our work, we leverage existing formal and informal sectors for collection and recycling, to maximize poverty and social impacts, improve health and safety, and drive gender equality. IFC investments encourage low cost, technically viable, and climate favorable waste collection and disposal solutions with energy recovery where feasible. Additionally, we support upstream waste generation to adopt “3Rs” - Reuse, Reduce Recycle.

    We access concessional finance to enable waste projects in LICs where full cost recovery is not yet possible due to inability to pay or insufficient regulatory framework.