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    About Cool-jams Cooling Mattress Pads and Cooling Sheets


    by Anita

    Cool-jams bedding by Outlast uses special technology that helps to regulate the body temperature through proactive heat and moisture management. Our Bedding products balance the temperature under the covers by absorbing heat when it gets too warm, and releases it back when you cool down. By doing so, it keeps the temperature and humidity within your bed in the optimum range for a restful sleep.

    Our heat and moisture management technology is incorporated into a vast array of Cool-jams products, including cooling mattress pads, cooling sheets, cooling comforters, cooling pillows, cooling blankets and wicking sleepwear - all designed to help you get a more restful night's sleep!

    No more kicking off the covers due to overheating. By eliminating temperature swings throughout the night, you are less likely to wake up from chills or overheating. You'll experience a deeper, more restful sleep with our Cool-jams Sleep Products.
    Traditional bedding traps body heat beneath the covers,