E.T. gets immortalized in wax


by Reuters

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It's been 30 years since the extra-terrestrial known simply as E.T. captured the hearts of audiences all over -- and to celebrate Madame Tussauds has immortalized the friendly alien in wax in five different locations.

This one in London is re-enacting the famous bike scene where Elliott and E.T. took off towards the sky.

And while the film came out in 1982, E.T. still has young devoted fans in 2012.

Soundbite: Tommy, Young E.T. fan, saying (English)

"I like the way E.T. looks, his big eyes."

Izaah, E.T. Fan, saying:

"Yeah, I like him, too."

Malaki, E.T. Fan, saying:

"I like how most of the movies on aliens are like killing them and shooting them, but he's a nice alien, who wants to go home (gets interrupted by Izaah)."

Izaah, E.T. Fan, saying:

"He's really magic."

The wax figure took the museum's sculptors two months to complete and about 50,000 British pounds or 80,000 US dollars to make.

Daniel Woodley is senior sculptor .

SOUNDBITE: Daniel Woodley, Senior Sculptor Madam Tussauds, saying (English)

"The biggest challenge really was the fact that we were working purely from movie reference, so mostly off stills from the film and kinda behind the scenes footage and a few books that we managed to get hold of that showed him in a bit more detail."

Starting October 22nd E.T. can call the wax museums of London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Amsterdam and Berlin his new home.