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    Mark Dobson: Work-life Balance vs Work-life Alignment


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    Mark Dobson - Work-Life Balance vs Work-Life Alignment

    What I've learnt is that there is just life, sure we do need to earn, but it's still my life. If I'm still in that desk, that's still my life, right here right now this is my life, so, if you've got a staff member that's talking about work-life balance, they're separating work and the good parts of their life, the fun bits.

    Work is a component of life that needs to be fulfilling. We need to take a role in making it filling, and they need to take a role to make sure that their life, can fulfil their obligations at work.

    There's an alignment that needs to happen and that's what you'll find that all partners of workplace incentives will talk about, work-life alignment, and that really happens, firstly, by acknowledging that the work-life balance concept is crazy, you're just not going to be able to balance it, there is JUST life.

    Secondly, we need to listen to what our people want their life want to be like, and see if we can contribute to that. If you can contribute to a persons life, then they want to be around you and your organisation. That's a no brainer - because life is rich there.

    Can work align with my outside work life, so they align and both help each other? That's way more fun.