Make you feel my love ~~ Adele

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"osman gündoğdu,,

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When the rain blows
In your face
A whole world
attaches to you
I could offer you
Warm embrace,
You feel my love

When evening shadows appear
And the stars
And there is no one
Who would have wiped your tears
I could hold you
In a million years,
You feel my love

I know that even
You are undecided
But I never would
I did not hurt
I know that, from the moment when we first met
And there is no doubt in my mind
Who do you belong

I could be hungry
I could be bruised
I could crawl up and down the street
No, there is no such thing
I would not do
You could feel my love

storms rage
The wavy sea
I regret highway
Although gusts changes
Tossed wildly and freely,
You still did not feel like I

I could make you happy
Fulfill your dreams
There is nothing that I would not do
I'll go to the edge of the world for you
You feel my love

You feel my love
#️ogun73 ✔️ 2 sene önce