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He's the One ! - ( version originale française: C'est lui !)

il y a 6 ans111 views

Auteur de chanson : Saysamone Amphonesinh
Version originale chanson française : C'est lui !)
Cette chanson est reprise en Anglais par l'auteur
Les deux versions sont interprétées par Cécile Chabert.
et orchestrées par Olivier STRAUCH

He's the One !

He let me come inside his own secret garden
He allowed me to smell rose and orchid garlands
He let me listen to the streams bubbling
He allowed me to hear the birds sweetly warbling

He offered me his mouth, his soft and gentle lips
He made my body burn up, the fever was lit
He made my head spin and filled it with sweet nothings
He taught me everything; he gave me everything

Chorus :

He taught me how to laugh, to love life without shame
To savour his caress and pleasure without pain
So in case you're wond'ring why I turned out this way
You need look no further, he's the one to blame!

He was so kind to me and so affectionate
He would dry up my tears with words compassionate
He gave me his poems as a gift that sings
He played me his most charming lines on his heartstrings

He opened me the doors to a world in colour
He took me to fragrances I could discover
My heart was already his the first day we met
My love for him today, my love is stronger yet

Chorus ( 2 times)

Auteur de chanson: Saysamone Amphonesinh

Site des chansons: http://www.auteur-chansons.fr/
Site perso : http://www.amphonesinh.info/perso/index.php

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He's the One ! - ( version originale française: C'est lui !)
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