Hillbilly Hare 5

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Charles McKimson gets another close shot, of a jukebox with animatronic humans inside it.

For the square dance scene, Emery Hawkins animates the whole dance inside the house, up to and including the part where Bugs takes over calling the dance.

When we cut to outside the house, Rod Scribner has taken over, with his body-contorting animation starting to really get a workout.

Scribner keeps going up to the bit where the hillbillies "wallow around in the old pig-pen," which is handled by Charles McKimson, including some more vaguely Groucho-esque poses from Bugs.

Now Scribner takes over again for the extreme violence of Bugs making the hillbillies pummel each other and poke each other's eyes.

And the last scene of the cartoon brings back Emery Hawkins and his skinny, fluid Bugs...right up to the final shot where Bugs bats his eyelashes at us as he plays the violin.