Carole Simpson on Debate Discrimination and Obama the 'People Person'

Nick Furry

by Nick Furry

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RUSH: By the way, the Neera Tanden babe quoted in the Weekly Standard as saying, "It's stunning he's in politics. He doesn't really like people," has been taken to woodshed. She has apologized and said that she took herself out of context. She said what she meant to say was he's a deeply private person. She deeply regrets how she said what she said. She didn't really mean what she said when she said, "He doesn't really like people."

It's just that he's really private.

So they took her to the woodshed, and they gave her the Cory Booker spanking, and now she's back.
By Nick Furry 2 years ago
Evan Thomas and whoever else it was reviewing Obama, Grant Park, election night 2008. (paraphrasing) "He's creepy. We've never seen a guy go out without his wife or kids or send them packing. It's like he's observing us observe him. He's above everything." Find that bite for me, Cookie. It's in the archives and we've aired it a number of times. And then we'll go back and we'll play Carole Simpson, ABC News, with her interpretation of Obama. And we'll just see what you think.
By Nick Furry 2 years ago