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    Hisho Ikuseichuu Chapter 1 Part 1 (Drama CD + Manga)


    by boyslovenetwork

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    ❀ MANGA TITLE: Hisho Ikuseichuu
    ❀ ASSOCIATED NAMES (source: Baka-Updates Manga):
    • 秘书培育中
    • 秘書育成中
    • My Lovely Secretary
    • Secretary in Training
    • Trained by the Boss

    ❀ AUTHOR / ARTIST: Sakura Sakuya
    • Kuroda Takaya as Kaji Munetaka
    • Abe Atsushi as Aki Kazuya

    ❀ SUMMARY (source: Baka-Updates Manga):
    Aki Kazuya must be the unluckiest guy on earth. When the company he works for takes off in the middle of the night, he's left to deal with a two million dollar debt! Unfortunately, Munetaka Kaji, the president of the company that is owed the most money, has a unique way of having him pay it back. Forcing Aki to undergo his "personal training," Kaji claims to be molding Aki into the ultimate secretary, but are his intentions toward Aki completely innocent?

    ❀ CREDITS:
    • Scanlation Provider: Hochuuami
    If you're from Hochuuami and you want us to take this down, please leave a message. Sorry for not asking permission first. We did try but it seems your website is down and the e-mail written on one of your releases (where we tried to contact you) is already expired.

    ❀ NOTE:
    This video contains the Drama CD + English Scanlation.

    We do not own Hisho Ikuseichuu (a.k.a. My Lovely Secretary).
    This is For Entertainment Purposes Only.