If I'd Only Believed In You-Ben Bernie Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra


by Lou



Ah (I speak for myself but I'm sure this applies to other viewers) fortunately I'm anything but losing interest. I'm eagerly looking forward to gems like this. This is an unbelievably great performance (sorry couldn't resist the pun but I mean every letter of it).
By kspm0220s 3 years ago
Thanks Blakie,Ginny and Patrick.Patrick I hate to say I'm losing interest,mainly because this type of music is getting so hard to find from this period in time(1925-1935).
By Lou 3 years ago
I'm thrilled to see you posted no less than four new videos! What a brilliant performance (I love the early Ben Bernie sides!), and the vocal is so great. Thanks a lot for sharing!
By kspm0220s 3 years ago
I agree with BB! Very nice arrangement and the duet sounds great!
By Ginny Karyn (gigi129) 3 years ago
Nice band arrangement and vocal harmonizing by the duet.
By Boston Blackie 3 years ago