Research Says More Exercise Means Less Money Craving

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Exercise may be the key to contentment for those who seem to be obsessed with money.

Worried about money? New research suggests that getting aerobic exercise can make people’s brains care less about money.

The research is based on experiments conducted by a scientific team in Berlin.

Study volunteers did 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and then played a game where they won or lost a euro while their neurological activations were monitored.

Dopamine, a hormone ‘released in the brain when something good happens’, did not play a significant factor when winning the euro for the volunteers who exercised aerobically, compared to those who performed non-aerobic exercise.

The effects of the exercise were shown to last only a few hours after the work out.

The study was published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, in an article about the brain’s reward center and its relationship to dopamine and exercise.

Aerobic exercises like running have been shown to increase the body’s production of dopamine, which affects things like sleep patterns, mood and according to Psychology Today, the hormone is released when something that is perceived as good happens.