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    Moon May Have Been Created From Earth

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Scientist claims that a collision involving planet Earth may have spawned off the Moon from Earth.

    The theory of how the moon was created has long remained that a smaller planet, known as Theia, hit the Earth and the particles and debris from the smaller planet came together and formed the moon. Researchers have now challenged that theory due to analysis of moon rocks recovered from numerous Apollo missions.

    What was discovered from the research was that the moon is made up of the same chemistry that Earth holds. This leads the team to believe that the moon was formed from chunks of proto-Earth that would have resulted from the crash with Theia.

    The scientists believe that Earth at the time was spinning at a much faster rate - one day was equal to just over two hours long - and the impact of the collision with the smaller planet would have ejected the material that created the moon…essentially a twin.

    A moon expert at UCLA, who was not part of this research, says “it might not be possible to know exactly what happened. It's a whodunit mystery with very few clues lying around."

    Do you think the Moon could have formed from Earth?