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    5 Cutest Animals on Earth

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    See our picks for the 5 cutest animals in the world.

    Here are 5 the cutest animals on earth:

    Number 5 - are Koalas. Native to Australia, these cuddly animals do not belong to the bear family as commonly believed. They are blind at birth and live in their mother's pouch for the first 6 months of their lives. Koalas spend most of their time on trees and sleep for 18-20 hours a day. Did you know that they have fingerprints just like humans?

    Number 4 - are Pygmy Marmosets. They are the smallest monkey on the planet, weighing only about five ounces. Although their body is roughly six inches long at the most, their tail can be as long as nine inches! Pygmy marmosets live in small family groups which keeps them safe as they climb amongst the tree branches.

    Number 3 - are Alpacas. Originally from the Andes Mountains, today they are found around the world. Alpacas have been domesticated for thousands of years and their hair is used as fiber. Although Alpacas are friendly and curious, they may spit if not happy.

    Number 2 - are Hedgehogs. They come in 17 different breeds and can be recognized by quills on their back. Don't worry their quills are not poisonous. Hedgehogs are mostly nocturnal and curl up as a defense mechanism. Do you know that they have natural immunity against snake venom?

    Number 1 - are Guinea pigs. They are a type of rodent but many incorrectly think that they belong to the pig family. Native to Andes Mountains in South America, these cuddly creatures are an important source of protein for people in Peru. Peruvians eat approximately 65 million guinea pigs every year. They are raised for their meat just like we raise livestock for consumption in the US.

    Which one is your favorite?