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    Pumpkin Regatta in Nova Scotia Draws Excited Crowd

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Crowds show up for the pumpkin regatta, featuring pumpkin boats racing across the water in Nova Scotia.

    Who says pumpkins are just for decorating and eating?

    Recently, Windsor, Nova Scotia residents crowded at a lake to view approximately 50 participants partake in the area’s 14th annual pumpkin regatta.

    There were two divisions for the race: motorized and paddle. The giant pumpkins served as boats. They were hollowed out and some showcased custom paintjobs.

    Pumpkins aren’t exactly the best at floating but the participants did their best to keep them above the surface while racing across the lake.

    The cold day had kept the crowds on the smaller side but the race had a great cause behind it, raising money for the Children's Wish Foundation.

    In the US, several states have annual pumpkin regattas. In Maine, thousands come to view the race. The champion from this year went all out with his motorized creation.

    He speaks of the process - “Before you know it, you're sinking. But you stay afloat long enough so you've got to get the boat as quickly as it can go and get your move on”.