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    Wheelchair Bodybuilders Inspire Others

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    In a yet another example of disability being merely in our minds, wheelchair bound bodybuilders offer inspiration

    The Beast, King Kong and Hot Wheels may not be typical names you would associate with someone in a wheelchair, but these men not typical. These men are trying to inspire all of us.

    Nick Scott, Harold Kelley and Dan Smith have all overcome tragic injuries and insurmountable odds to become leaders and champions in the International Federation of BodyBuilders. Wheelchair Bodybuilding has been around for about fifteen years, but only in 2011 was the first-ever competition for certified Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilders held in Houston Texas.

    At 16, Nick Scott lost the use of his legs from a near fatal car accident. At 30, he is a leader in the bodybuilding world and passionate about his sport. Known as “The Beast”, Scott wants to spread the word about wheelchair bodybuilding and in the process help to “inspire and give hope to others, especially those unaware of the personal strength they can tap into if only they will believe and try.”

    During a recent trip to a local Walmart, as Nick was leaving the store, a young boy, also wheelchair bound, expressed to Nick that one day he hoped to be just like him.