Whistle Discovered Stuck in Child's Lung

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A whistle is found lodged inside a little boy’s lung.

The mom and dad of a 7-year-old boy in the Bronx became worried when he started making whistling noises at unexpected times. For several weeks, Hector Flores, Jr. interrupted his class with his whistles.

Then his mother heard the noise while he laughed and contacted doctors, who gave the boy medication for a digestive issue.

Hector’s father wasn’t satisfied and recorded the whistling.

He showed the footage to doctors again and this time he was taken seriously. Using cameras, medical personnel were able to locate a toy whistle in an artery near Hector’s lungs and after a 45 minute surgery it was removed.

About a month before the operation, Hector had reportedly swallowed the part inside a plastic duck which makes the whistling noise.

Earlier this year, a 6-year-old, Utah boy had a LEGO piece resembling a tire removed from his nose, after the toy had been stuck there for an estimated three years! Isaak Lasson doesn't recall putting the LEGO in his nose, but his parents claim that he began suffering from sinus problems when he was three years old.