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    Blythe's Blue Boys - Endurance Stomp


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    This appears to be an alias of the State Street Ramblers, a jazz band led by pianist James (aka Jimmy) Blythe, who In 1915 moved from his native Kentucky to Chicago. He was an accomplished musician and composer and found a great deal of work as a pianist for Paramount, Vocalion and Gennett. Blythe's style of playing was influenced by Clarence M. Jones who was his piano teacher. Blythe was very prolific and accompanied many Jazz and Blues artists such as Ma Rainey and Blind Blake on their recordings. He also produced hundreds of piano rolls for use in nickelodeons for the Capitol Music Roll Company of Chicago. He led dozens of recording sessions, often with Southside musicians like Jimmy Bertrand or Johnny Dodds. Blythe is considered one of the first Boogie Woogie style piano players, but he was a versatile musician who could handle many diverse styles. The song "Chicago Stomp" is generally considered to be the first recorded example of Boogie Woogie. He died suddenly of epidemic meningitis in 1931. The State Street Ramblers were not a group, but a series of recording sessions led by pianist Jimmy Blythe. The personnel varied over the years, but many of Chicago's best South Side musicians participated in the sessions, including Baby and Johnny Dodds, Natty Dominque, and Bill Johnson. All of the sides were recorded at the Gennett studio in Richmond, Indiana. These records were released under a variety of pseudonyms. On the Champion label they were called the Chicago Stompers, Blythe's Blue Boys and the Down Home Serenaders. On Paramount they were called the Johnny Dodds Four. On Decca they were the Blue Jay Boys. On Superior they were called Speed Jeffries and his Night Owls. This brilliant record was waxed in 1928. The soloist performing vocal effects remained uncredited.