CGR Comics - G.I.JOE ORDER OF BATTLE #2 comic book review


by CGRcomics

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G.I. Joe: Order of Battle #2 comic book review. http://www.CGRempire.com Shop CGR: http://www.CGRstore.com - Classic Game Room presents a CGR Comics review of the GI Joe Order of Battle #2 comic book from Marvel Comics published in January, 1987. Part 2 in this four-part mini series has Joes like Zap, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Sci-Fi, Roadblock and.... ROCKY!? Well, at least Sgt. Slaughter wasn't retracted in issue 3. This collector's item is a fun read for G.I. Joe enthusiasts around the world who want cool pictures and biographical data on their favorite real life action team (they exist!!!) Issue 2 covers Joes Mercer through Zap and includes heroes from the comics and TV shows like Shipwreck, Roadblock, Rock n' Roll, Mutt, Recondo, Steeler, Snow Job, Spirit, Wet Suit, Wild Bill and more!