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    Brief VinylKarma Intro and a really cool find!

    D. Blake Werts

    by D. Blake Werts



    Alan Blanche
    PS: Yes!, we're still in Charleston. If you're ever in the Area, give me a Call: 843.552.5265.
    До Свидания!
    By Alan Blanche3 years ago
    Alan Blanche
    How did I manage to run into you on VinylKarma? It's a Long Story. A Friend, in Pueblo, Colorado, told me, via Skype, about the Movie: "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". He & I were in the US AirForce, back in the '60s; and, we Chat several times a week, via Skype. So, anyway, I Watched the Movie & I Liked it. Then, Skyping with him, again, he said if I Liked that Movie, I'd like Quentin Tarantino Movies, which I do, to some extent, e.g., "Pulp Fiction". And, he said that if I Liked Tarantino's Movies, I'd Like Movies by Blake West, whom I had never even heard of prior to this. How do People & Things, e.g., Blake West & Charles Mingus Exist, without 99% of the Population knowing about them? (I said it was a Long Story. Instead of just a Quick Explanation, this is getting to be a Short Documentary!) So, thinking of "Blake West" & “Computer Hackers” (like the "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo") my SubConscious Mind Keyed In "Blake Werts"; and Voilà!, there you were! I've always been Blessed (Cursed?) with being able to Remember & Connect Names & Facts from years ago. I know you were at the Steel Mill, back in '92; because I Remember Baxley talking to you about Ross Perot vs. Bill Clinton. Weird, what goes around in your Head; ain’t it?! Anyway, from years & years ago, I can Remember the Good, the Bad & the Ugly (you were one of the Good Guys). For me, over the last few years, me & my Russian Princess have made many Journeys: 3 or 4 across the US, to DC, Mt. Rushmore, Wisconsin, California, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Roswell (didn’t get Abducted or Probed; Bummer!), & a couple of Trips to Estonia & Russia. We Toured Saint Petersburg & Moscow, Russia. Absolutely Beautiful! Was in Red Square & went to Lenin’s Mausoleum. Weird! BTW: Jazz is Big in Russia. I’m at, if you’d like to stay in touch. Take Care of YourSelf!
    By Alan Blanche3 years ago
    D. Blake Werts
    Mr. Alan Blanche! Wow, it has been a long time. And how in the heck did you run into me here?! Especially since you claim to not to be into music that much. Yeah, had my hair cut MANY years ago ... '96/97 timeframe maybe? Your niece has great taste if she's digging Mingus. He recorded some fantastic music over the years.

    Hope you're doing well. Still in Charleston?
    By D. Blake Werts3 years ago
    Alan Blanche
    Blake -
    Didn't recognize you without the Pony Tail!
    My Niece is a big Charles Mingus Fan. I think she's even got a few of his early Albums.
    I've never been that into Music, other than The Beatles & a few others from the '60s. But, back in the mid-'90s, I bought an Antique Victrola (that Works Beautifully); and, in the Shelf, on the inside, was a 78RPM of Elvis singing "Love me Tender". Coo!
    Hope Life's been Good to you. You're a Good Guy!
    Take Care!
    By Alan Blanche3 years ago
    Hello Blake,
    I just wanted to tell you that it was cool seeing your intro video. I feel like I am meeting everyone for the first time again. Did I tell you about Anthony Braxton's son Tyondai's solo album 'Central Market' that I got? I think you would dig it.
    Hope you had a nice vacation~
    By Paneeks19603 years ago
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