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    United Kingdom Talk Saturday 20th October 2012

    Chris Reardon

    by Chris Reardon

    Chris Reardon's Talk Show.
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    A good way to fall asleep.
    A bit too raw.
    Bad work ethics.
    Fantastic old Virgin Airways commercial.
    An attitude problem.
    I was scared to go to work when I left school.
    Wonderful things on the television.
    Jumping out of a capsule.
    Childrens karaoke afternoons. Would that work ?
    Is an hour too much ?
    So many ways to collect emails - and lose them.
    I still use a paper diary.
    Why is everyone becoming classed as dangerous ?
    I have broken the habit of TOWIE.
    Suggestions needed - Christmas presents for babies.
    Good and bad parents.
    A meat market.
    Iphone 5 & Iphone 4 compared.
    How many TV adverts do you see ?
    James & his amateur radio.
    Mobile djing going very well. Only 1 Saturday left this year.
    Suko Sullivans podcast :
    Is the dragon being abused ?
    Gordon Ramsey seems great to work for.
    A great engagement party last week, and the girl with a wonderful voice.