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    The Way Of Shinobi by Emran Riaz Featuring Tony Chang (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Many top card magicians throughout history have advised there are only three essential card sleights you would ever need... a good control (or force) a double lift and a palm. The Shinobi Control is THE answer to the control. This incredibly versatile technique is one you will USE in your card magic for the rest of your life...anytime you need a practical and amazing control a stunning phase for your favorite Ambitious Card routine or a convincing force the Shinobi Control is there for you. The Shinobi Control was created by Emran Riaz and refined with the help of Tony Chang.
    In this DVD you will find the Shinobi Control explained in detail like never before. You will learn new points tips and handlings of this versatile move. You will be taken step by step making learning this technique a snap. You will see the many possibilities with the Shinobi Control including effects such as
    Shinobi Fusion Emrans handling of the classic Anniversary Waltz by Doc Eason. This is a sure fire fooler for laymen as well as magicians. Smooth and elegant.
    Shinobi Transpo A selected card in two places at once...or is it A sweet multi-phase transposition with a backfire ending
    S.K.S. (soup kitchen sandwich) Tony Chang makes a special guest appearance here with his hilarious a super visual sandwich plot using the Shinobi Concept
    Running Time Approximately 38mins