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    Borderlands 2 Tips n Tactics: Sanctuary Secrets, Challenges, & Achievements


    by NextGenTactics

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    The Borderlands 2 Achievements we cover in this video include:
    Sugar Daddy - Tipped Moxxi $10,000
    Tribute to a Vault Hunter - Got an Item from Michael Mamaril

    The Borderlands 2 Challenges we cover in this video include:
    Cult of the Vault - Discover the 5 hidden vault symbols
    Rise of the Crimson Raiders - Uncover the history of Crimson Raiders
    Jackpot! - Get 3 vault symbols or triple Eridium bars on the Lucky Shot slot machine

    The other Borderlands 2 secret we cover in this video is:
    Moxxi's Pizza box Quick Response Code

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