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    Man Assaults Wife As She Ate Best Chicken Parts

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    A wife eats chicken breast and a drumstick and pays for it physically and legally.

    Chicken is cherished in many countries.

    Recently, a 40-year-old Zimbabwean man reportedly became upset when his wife served him a gizzard, a drumstick and the chicken wings. His 24-year-old wife had already consumed the chicken breast and the other drumstick. The male assaulted his wife after she confessed to eating the best chicken portions. The next day, the husband dragged his wife to the village court, accusing her of being ‘uncultured and disrespectful’.

    The court agreed and fined the woman one chicken for ‘contravening local custom’.

    According to local tradition, the breast and leg portions of a chicken’ should solely be reserved for the man.

    Earlier this year, a family argument stemmed from a chicken dinner. George Rhome became upset when the chicken was served and he complained it was too dry. He was also upset it had been baked instead of fried. The comments offended his daughter-in-law who was cooking so she threw a chair at him. The fight moved outdoors, leading to Rhome's arrest.