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    World's Oldest Dad at 96 Years of Age

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An elderly man welcomes his second son at the ripe age of 96.

    When you think of an older father, what age comes to mind, 50, 60 maybe even 70?

    Well, one Indian farmer near New Delhi has been declared the world’s oldest dad at the ripe, old age of 96 after fathering a 4.5 pound newborn. Amazingly, the elderly male broke his own record from 2010 when at the age of 94, he reportedly had his first son with his then 52-year-old wife.

    The man was once a wrestler and that endurance seems to play a key integral role in his life to this day. He stated “I do it three or four times a night. My neighbors are jealous and they keep asking me for my secret.”

    Earlier this year, another seemingly bizarre parenting story surfaced. Within 3 months, a man became a dad, a grandfather, and a great-grandfather. 60-year-old Patrick Sloan welcomed his fourth child, Ethan into the world this past March with his second wife, Joanne. Fast forward to June and Sloan embraced his first great-grandson from his granddaughter and 12 days later his daughter gave birth to another boy.