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    Spider Like Creature With 13-Inch Leg Span Found

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    A German scientist finds a massive harvestman with a 13 inch leg span, resembling a giant spider.

    Many people will agree that spiders are a little unnerving.

    Imagine the surprise when a scientist from a German institute discovered a spider with no eyes in a cave in Laos, followed a few months later by a giant, spider-like creature similar to a ‘grand daddy long legs’.

    The unnamed creepy crawler has a leg span of approximately 13 inches. This newly discovered species is only slightly smaller than a record-holding species from South America with a 13.375-inch leg span.

    Known as harvestman, they are from one of the different orders of arachnids, and are ‘distant cousins to true spiders’. Both spiders and arachnids have eight legs but their bodies differ greatly. Harvestman do not create webs.

    While researchers at the institute were greatly intrigued, attempts to correctly and specifically identify the new harvestman have been unsuccessful. This means that the new arachnid will most likely remain unnamed for some time.