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    The 2200+ Year Old Terra Cotta Warriors Who’ve Made Xian Boom

    Tony Guida

    by Tony Guida

    We leave Xian’s Xingquing Park [see Part 5] and head closer to the central city. We stop at a lacquer workshop and showroom.

    Tony steps outside the showroom and sees military hand to hand combat drills underway across the street. He reflexively starts video taping. This produces a warning from an MP of the PRC (People’s Republic of China’s Army). We head to the outskirts of Xian for lunch and, afterwards, the main event: a visit with the world famous 2200 year old terra cotta warriors of Xian. They have created a boom in Xian beyond what any gold rush could produce. The Park where the ancient warriors were found and currently reside is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many unearthed horses, chariots and military artifacts are also housed here.

    We head back. That night we stroll in the old, walled city of Xian for a last look around – because the next day we’ll be flying to Lhasa Tibet.

    This video is Part 6 of our “China–And How!” adventure.

    A D Guida Video Productions (our Travel Diva Hessie + a d (tony to you) himself) visited China and Tibet in October 2011. This video was recorded in 1080 HD, 16:9 aspect on October 17, 2011: Rights are reserved. Non-commercial downloads ok. Anything else might be fine with attribution, but we would appreciate being contacted @ .

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