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    Crowds clash with police in Belarus on heels of 'unfair' presidential vote

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    Dozens of people were arrested and many were hospitalized with injuries as protesters clashed with police in Belarus capital Minsk the night following the date of presidential elections. While a preliminary ballot count indicates that incumbent president Lukashenko has won by a landslide, receiving almost 80 percent of votes from those cast by around seven million voters, the elections were marred by a night of riots that were, however, successfully suppressed by the police and the national security agency. The protest rally, planned by opposition well ahead of the elections day, started at about 8pm on Sunday. Various sources gave very different information about the number of participants, from 5-20,000 people. At some point, the protesters tried to break into the building of the lower house of the parliament, which also serves as an office for the Central Elections Commission. Some windows were broken, but police intervened and forced the protesters from the square. Many people, including some of the opposition candidates, were arrested. Some people, including one presidential candidate and several journalists, both from Belarus and abroad, sustained injuries in the clashes. Police claim that about 30 officers were injured on Sunday night and had to be taken to hospitals.
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