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    Brazil shooter photos & videos released by police

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    RT News Channel

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    Videos, photos and written documents left by the man who shot dead 12 students in Brazil have been released. 23-year-old Wellington Oliveira killed himself after carrying out the 7 April massacre in the Rio de Janeiro school he attended as a child. The country has been shocked by the magnitude of the killing; there had never been a school shooting like this in Brazil. But the young man's own words released on Friday did little to help the country come to terms with his actions. In videos and letters, Oliveira mentions God, quotes the Bible extensively, and discusses the quotations in long, rambling passages. He also says the attack was motivated by the bullying and humiliation he suffered as a student and continued to suffer into adulthood. He cites Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho as "a brother" along with a Brazilian teenager who in 2003 shot and wounded six students in the school where he'd studied, then killed himself. Cho was the Virginia Tech student who in 2007 shot 32 people to death and committed suicide. Like Cho, Oliveira blames school officials and bullies for the attacks he is about to commit. "I hope this serves as a lesson, especially to those school officials who stood by with their arms crossed as students were being attacked, humiliated, ridiculed," Oliveira says in one video. He adds: "If these officials had uncrossed their arms earlier and done something to fight against these types of practices, what happened may not have happened at all. I would still be alive. All those who I killed would still be alive. If you remain with your arms crossed, you will be forcing more brothers to kill and die."
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