Fruit flies & fungus to space: Soyuz Launch live on RT

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RT takes to the Baikonour Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for the live launch of a Russian Soyuz rocket. It takes some much-needed supplies to the International Space Station. The craft's loaded with over two and a half tonnes of cargo, for the 6 people currently aboard the ISS. It's mostly essential supplies, like food and fuel for the station. But some of the payload's unique, and even alive. A group of fruit flies - which are considered pests down here on Earth - are being awaited on the ISS for some unique experiments. The crew will also get a special supply of fungus, which they'll be planting on the outside of the station during a spacewalk. The aim of that experiment is to study how living organisms behave in outer space. To keep the crew entertained, they're being sent a bunch of DVD-films, as well as some personal gifts and letters from their loved ones. There are currently 6 people aboard the International Space Station - three Russian cosmonauts, two NASA astronauts and one Italian astronaut from the European Space Agency. It's the 27th expedition to the International Space Station, which has been manned on a permanent basis for over 10 years. Russian Soyuz rockets are the main source of transport to and from orbit. They'll soon be the only source as well - NASA's space shuttles are being grounded for good this summer.
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