Hitler's Bunker: Nazi 'Werewolf' hideout mystery magnet in Ukraine

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Anyone today can enjoy a good walk in the forest near the central Ukrainian town of Vinnitsa. The tranquility of the area masks well what lurked there seven decades ago. The peaceful woods were once the site of a top-secret and highly-guarded Nazi command center -- the Werewolf bunker."It was a huge complex, which had everything Germany's command could need. There was an officer's club, a sauna, a gym, a swimming pool and barracks. Some sources claim it went seven floors underground. Above the ground there were several wooden houses including a casino," explained Svyatoslav Greben, director of the Museum of Glory in Vinnitsa. Adolf Hitler ordered the construction of the bunker to control the Nazi war-effort on the Eastern Front. It is believed the Nazi leader himself visited the bunker three times, with his personal swimming pool thought to be about the only thing to remain intact at the site. The rest of the huge complex was destroyed in March 1944.
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