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    The Newshour Direct: Digvijay Singh


    by timesnowonline

    Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday (October 17) targeted BJP President Nitin Gadkari, accusing him of receiving personal favours by getting around 100 acres of agriculture land in Maharashtra after the Congress-NCP government there bent rules. Utilising a much-hyped press conference here to "expose" Gadkari, the activist-turned-politician alleged that all parties were involved in a cosy relationship of "looting" the country even though they raise issues against each other just for the sake of it. Specifically, Kejriwal alleged a quid pro quo between BJP and Congress-NCP government of Maharashtra, saying Gadkari and his party maintained "silence" over various issues of corruption like the irrigation scam surrounding the Maharashtra government. Digvijay Singh, Congress leader, speaks exclusively to TIMES NOW's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami on the Newshour Direct.