Man Saves Beached Great White Shark

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A brave hero decides to put his safety on the line and saves a beached Great White shark. That took some courage!


Sharks can actually survive out of the water a lot longer than most people would expect. A lot like fish they do need water to survive obviously but unlike fish that can only stay out of water for a few minutes, depending the type of shark, they can last up to 30 minutes out of the water. It really does depend on the type though it this would have been a brown banded bamboo shark, it could have lasted like 12 hours out of the water due to how oxygenated their gills and bloodstream is.
By dm_51de351154174 2 years ago
-_- yeah it would have been way better to just leave it...*Sarcasm*
By dm_512713b7767b6 2 years ago
Way to 'drown' the shark. Don't whites need the constant flow of water over their gills to 'breath' like other sharks? Dragging it backwards would be starving it of oxygen.
By Ned Smed 2 years ago
I wonder if I wasn't the only one waiting for him to John Hancock the shark back into the ocean.
By s_master2001ca 2 years ago
More like he POSTPONED the shark's death by a few minutes. It keeps coming back on shore. It's dead people.
By Slave2Pain 2 years ago
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