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    Baby Giraffe Birth Was Live-Tweeted

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    The Cincinnati Zoo announces their newest calf giraffe by tweeting every milestone in the labor and delivery.

    Twitter has recently reached another milestone with live-tweet of a giraffe birth.

    It was the birth of a 150-pound baby giraffe at Cincinnati Zoo.

    Tessa, a five-year-old giraffe residing at the zoo, gave birth at 8:20 a.m on Friday, October 12th. An official stated “We made the decision several weeks ago to live-tweet the birth in real-time and the response has been astonishing. The #giraffebirth tweets spread like wildfire, making this an overwhelming success. “

    At roughly 6 in the morning, Tessa seemed a little uncomfortable. A little while later, zookeepers noticed the calf’s hoof poking through. A little over 2 hours later, the baby female giraffe was born and each milestone was tweeted for the world to see.

    Pictures were also posted, covering the labor and delivery. The first family photo is viewable along with the baby calf’s first attempts to stand and nurse. Mom and baby were doing fine, taking the weekend to relax and bond together. Zoo goers had the opportunity on October 15 to view Tessa and her new calf through the windows of the Giraffe Ridge exhibit.