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    Idaho Kitty Gets Stuck on Utility Pole for 3 Days

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    by Geo Beats

    An adventurous cat is stuck on the top of utility pole for three days.

    Cats are adorable little beings, but some of them do seem to land themselves in troublesome situations.

    One female kitty, from Idaho, named Fritz recently got stuck on a utility pole for three long days. Her owners knew where she was and tried to get help from the fire department, but they had no luck. Fire officials could not assist in the cat rescue due to the live wires and the power company claimed they couldn’t help because it was against policy.

    So the frustrated owners turned to friends, Facebook and even the mayor for help and the Idaho Power company soon changed their mind, offering to help get the beloved cat down.

    During the rescue, the kitty climbed even higher up the pole, so the electricity had to be cut, but Fritz was soon turned over to her family, safe and sound.

    Earlier this year, another cat was in a similar, sticky situation. A Philadelphia kitty, named Sparky, was stuck at the top of a utility pole for several days before finally being rescued.