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    Woman with Horrible Headache Due to Unusual Condition Gets Relief

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    A woman finally gets relief after suffering from pounding headaches due to an unusual condition.

    Medical personnel in Tucson, Arizona deserve a pat on the back after performing a dangerous surgery to help a 20-year-old patient, Carissa Galvez. She had a genetic mutation, which affected her cerebral spinal fluid. Five years ago, a neurosurgeon placed a two-valve shunt in her head and back as an experimental procedure. The valve was supposed to help drain the fluid and it worked until several weeks ago when Galvez began experiencing pounding headaches, high blood pressure and vomiting.

    Something had gone wrong with the shunt causing the severe pain and neurosurgeons did not know what to do. The original doctor that had worked with Galvez had retired and hospital officials claimed that there was nothing that could be done.

    She remained at the hospital in debilitating pain. That is until officials at the University of Arizona Medical Center decided to operate. Now, she is expected to make a complete recovery and states “I'm a million times better than I was. I'm so happy I got relief.”